Hello dear punks/straightedgers/skaters/tippercoreres and whathaveyous. You have entered the site of a supplier of stuff - Post Neo records. Not of any stuff, but of high quality stuff that is custom tailored to your hip, anti-capitalistic aesthetics (=cheap looking). Donīt get me wrong: We ARE an evil corporation. But we are an evil corporation with a heart. We preassure the artists to fit our mold (or better: we apply preassure to a mold until whatever is in there fits, regardless of it being an artist or an unfortunate McDonalds employee). This mold makes them your ideal idols: They look bratty and sing about love to a distorted guitar.

Your faceless part of the machine SUSU

PS: We steal all our ideas from other people. For example the whole "evil corporation" sheme is a blatant rip off of the Sex Pistols, who did it cheaper and better. But thatīs just the way we are.